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Preparing Myself for 7

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Today, after the initial ?What are you doing waking me up, Woman?? grunts and groans from Elizabeth, she popped her head up, and with a gleam in her eye said,

?Today is the first day of October, right??

Me – ?Yep.?

Elizabeth – ?It?s my Birthday Month!?

So, today begins my preparation for the age of 7. I think that Elizabeth is far more prepared than I am, though we?ve already gotten glimpses into what the next year will entail. Getting some of her privileges taken away because she?s not always finishing her work in school, forgoing actually doing her work for chatting with her friends in class, and the talking back? My Gawd, the talking back has been killing me lately. We?ve been slowly nipping that in the bud, but it?s hard-going at times.

But, even with the problems that have happened, I do think that she?s, on the whole, a good kid. While she can drive me batty with a bat of the eyelashes, she?s not destroying things or really getting into trouble at school, negating the Chatty Cathy imitation in class.

We?ll see what she?s got up her sleeve for celebrating her Birthday Month tonight when I get home from work. With everyone?s schedules, she?s really getting two parties already this month, but I have this feeling that she?ll be asking for more.

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