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The World?s a Mess, It?s in My Kiss

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My head?s a mess this week? simple things that should be muscle-memory by know have completely escaped me. Work has been killing me, even with this being really the first full week of shortened hours (35hr/wk for the rest of the year to make up for all the overtime that we?ve all had to pull for insane project schedules). Even with these shorter hours, I feel like all I?ve been doing is working.

What I need to be doing is cleaning my house and prepping for the ?rents (flying in on Saturday) and the Family Party for Elizabeth?s birthday (Sunday). What I?ve ended up doing is work on a couple of outstanding WordPress templates and prepping for Nanowrimo in the evenings, then vegging out in front of the television to catch up on my Tivo.

This week hasn?t been all bad, though. I really enjoyed Webmaster Jam Session last weekend, and I picked up a little freelance work on an existing client who needs a new coupon book. We also found out that I won?t have to pay for a new Gi for Elizabeth?s karate class (her top went missing last week), since I had unknowingly paid for one at the beginning of class that she didn?t need because of last year?s class.

Yes, that?s good news, cause I had extra money when I paid for her class at the beginning of the year, and I really don?t have a lot of spare cash sitting around at this point. I?m moving stuff around in accounts at the moment to make my accounts more balanced. Hence, the ?looking for freelance work? portion above.

Maybe my shitty mood today can be blamed on this sinus headache that just won?t go away, regardless of ibuprofen ingested this morning.

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