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Why I’m lusting after someone over a decade younger than I am

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I got to see Twilight on Saturday night, due to Elizabeth off with her cousin W. and when we went to go see Quantum of Solace to make BabyDaddy happy, it was sold out.*

I liked it, but damn, it made me feel old.

Let me preface this by saying I?ve read all the books?. and other than the occasional itch to slap the crap out of Bella due to being a teenage girl and acting like one really well, I really like the first three** books. (**Don?t get me started on Breaking Dawn, one of the most crapastic ways to end a series EVER)

I liked the movie. It was a great translation of the first book to the screen, but my Gawd, Rob Pattinson spontaneously makes me want to give up all my other Secret Celebrity crushes at the same moment make me feel like I?m geriatric.

I was 12 when he was born.

So, after seeing the movie and listening to BabyDaddy actually liking it as well, I made up for the fact that I was feeling a touch dirty lusting after that young boy and sat down to a couple of Criminal Minds episodes. I ended up staying up way past my bedtime and moving my Secret Celebrity Crush over to Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds) instead. At least I was only 5 when he was born. And isn?t he just the cutest lil androgynous boy EVER? Check out the UnAuthorized Biography series on youtube for some serious funny.

* I do actually have a bunch of really important stuff to impart on this here blog, but I really just needed to get to writing something, not a Not-Really Review of Twilight.

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