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Houses, Houses Everywhere

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Ever since the landlady made us aware of the fact that she was thinking of putting the house we?re currently renting on the market, I?ve been toying with the idea of biting the bullet and buying my first house. BabyDaddy can?t be on the mortgage, as he?s been out of work for the majority of the year, so it would be for me to carry the purchase of a house.

Our lease isn?t up until the end of February, so I thought we?d have a bit of time to sort out everything, and in a way, we do. But things got a little pushed last month when I signed up to have the ability to save some of my searches on one of the local real estate sites, and I had a realtor contact me about one of the properties that I had saved.

So, we went to see a house a few weeks ago. Epic FAIL on that one. My dining room table was bigger than the dining room, the laundry ?room? was only accessible from the exterior of the house, and there were gorgeous exposed beams that showed us that there couldn?t have been more than 3/4 of an inch of insulation in the roof. Disappointed, I figured we could wait, and try and talk the landlady into a 6-month extension on our lease.

Which she was ok with? so today, seeing four houses, I figured there would be more of the same from the first one, but I was wrong.

The first house we saw, while needing some things here and there (bathtub that needs to be repaired/replaced, paint interior/exterior, and some electrical work that looks like it was as hacktastic as some of the coding I?ve done in a fit of alcoholic stupor) but really, I like the house. Really like the house. It?s a foreclosure, it?s in Elizabeth?s school district, and the house has more than enough room for us, our stuff, and a great backyard. The other three were good, but small, and with less work to be put in them, but it was the first one that won me over.

It?s been vacant for a while, so I got to get a grand view of the basement level after a squatter?s party, with the dregs of blunt-making on the dryer and someone?s dirty underwear in the basement-level bathroom sink, but I still liked it. Man, I can see what we could have in that house.

Now to see if there are any other bids on the house, and waiting until after the 15th of the month (I?m going perm at Big Ol? Sports then, albeit with another site?s team – another post in the making) to get pre-approval for a mortgage on this one. The price is more than reasonable, almost extremely low for the area we?re looking, so I?m really trying to keep good thoughts on this one. I?m not really sure how much we?ll need outside of the mortgage to get it fully livable, which concerns both me and BabyDaddy a little, but I?m not allowing myself at this point to fall in love with this place. It could fall through, or we could get a home inspector in there and find out the house is about to fall down around someone?s ears.

Waiting, that?s what I?m doing. I. Hate. Waiting.

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