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I?ve decided that Twitter and Facebook, hell, all social media, is killing my ability to post on here anymore. So what I?ve decided is to resurrect my former attempt at 101 Things in 1001 Days, using the lovely Miss Zoot?s list as a model to help me from getting too overwhelmed with the list as I did last time. I?ll see about posting it as soon as I finish the list, though tomorrow I?m making a point of not being online unless I have no other option.

Before the list, though, I wanted to break down some of the recent things I?ve posted here before 2008 was completely over and done with. I?ve been on a roller-coaster lately, with all the changes in the air.

We?re in an unplanned holding pattern with the house, as I make too much money now to be able to qualify for some the down payment assistance programs that are still functioning after the big meltdown, though on the plus side the house?s first bid fell through, so it?s listed as active once again. If any of y?all have a spare $7k you can send me as an interest-free loan, email me, alright?

I am now officially a permanent employee at Big Ol? Sports, though I had to move to another team to accomplish that. But, Dear Readers, don?t think I?m done with my original team, as Fate likes to seriously screw with my head. About 4 days after moving to a new group to get my dearly needed perm status, a bunch of Senior Vice Presidents in the company got together to have a pow-wow about little ol? me, and while I?m officially on Team B now, I?ll still be working on Team A until the end of February, full-time. I?ve moved my stuff already, and gotten all my things organized in the new building on campus, surrounded by Team B, but I?m in my own personal version of Sartre?s Hell by only being allowed to work on Team A?s site.

So, Sayonara 2008? You?ve been good, you?ve been bad, you?ve moved a tad quicker than what I would have preferred.

And here?s to wishing all of y?all the best 2009 that can be. Happy New Year!

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