I Survived Dragoncon

While I survived, I?m still recovering from sleep deprivation. Remind me to never sign on for being on two different track staffs again. The lack of sleep is killing me.

Off to Dragoncon

While posts have been slim around here anyways, they just might be missing this long weekend as well, since I?m packing up the car and heading to Dragoncon. Wish me luck that I can keep my balloon hand down a bit, since I?ve already agreed to far too many projects this weekend.

First Day of First Grade

First Day of First Grade, originally uploaded by amber_h. This was the cheesy grin BabyDaddy received while getting Elizabeth to pose for her first day of school this year. She was far too excited to get in the car and get to the school to give more than one smile for the camera? which is […]

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

Things have been absolutely hectic at work, which has made everything else in my life suffer because of that. As things seem to be relatively calm for the moment (in two weeks, it?ll be hell again, but that?s another story), I thought, What the hell, I?ll see if I can even remember my password to […]

Too much stuff?

While my posting was light at best while Elizabeth was gone, now she?s back (as of last night), and I really question how many hours there are in a day vs. how much stuff I need to do. If I can get some free time soon, I?ll summarize in one of the infamous Random Bullet […]

His soul?s up on the roof now

George Carlin died yesterday. From the 7 Words to his stint on Thomas the Tank Engine, this man never ceased to amaze me. I felt like I was getting away with something during the brief times that I was allowed to watch his stand-up when I was younger. Pretty much, his wikipedia entry covers everything […]

Are There Any Latch-Key Kids in 2008?

While the Insane Mommy Brain? jumps to the forefront of my thoughts more often than not as Elizabeth gets older, I?m always a little freaked out by hearing that parents are getting shit from other parents because they?re allowing their kids to be independent. Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with us? What happened […]

Shhh? It?s Too Quiet

It?s just shy of a week without Elizabeth in the house and off having fun in Alien-land. The house, she is Sooooo Quiet. Since my parents showed up back at the beginning of the month, I?ve gotten to see three movies, two of which I saw this weekend (Caspian and Hulk, for those who care). […]

Dresden, Harry Dresden

If anyone wonders where I?m at for at least the next 24 hours, here?s your answer. I know that my stepfather over in Alien-land is doing the same thing as I am. I?ve usually been waiting until the books come in a set and getting them off of Zooba.com, but I really couldn?t wait until […]

No Time for a Title

Blah, blah, blah? whine, whine, whine? bitch, bitch, bitch. Ok, I?ve got that out of my system now. I just actually read through my front page, and realized that I completely suck. Outside of the whole Moleskine thing, which I?m doing everything in my power not to purchase 12 of them at once. Let?s sum […]