Things have been crazy today – We started with a heavy snow layer that sat upon the ice that had come in yesterday, then seeing those elusive blue skies and bright sunshine to start the thawing out process. We’re finishing out the day here in Atlanta going back below freezing just so we can wake up to not-great roads for another day.

Meanwhile, I was working. I wish I could say that I knocked out a decent word-count today, but that would be a lie. Instead, I dealt with post-launch items from the show site that launched yesterday, then logged off to do some freelance work. I did end up writing up two new project estimates for freelance, so there’s that. The kid is off to her cousin’s for another weekend away, so maybe I can actually get some words down on paper (you know what I mean…) while she’s gone.

Look, Ma… Three days I’ve written here. It’s a miracle of sorts.