I?m Not Capable

Other than my snarky comment earlier, I?ve been trying to sort out exactly what I want to say about the whole Today show thing? and I?ve been trying my damnedest to edit out all the ?fuck?s that have been at the top of my thoughts in regards to this. Thankfully,...

Just Call Me Grace

To say that I busted my ass this morning when I got into the lobby of my office building would be incorrect. Instead, I busted my knees. It looks as though they had recently cleaned the tile floors in the entry-point, and as I?m pulling out my id to get into the...

Still Alive

I?m still here? kinda. I?m hoping to actually catch y?all up on everything?s that still going on around here.

Elizabeth’s Haircut

See that hair? It was down to just below her shoulders. Well, the last few days, Elizabeth had been asking me to trim up her hair, which isn?t a problem as I was just going to do a simple straight line across the back. Well, I never got a chance.

One Thing Leads To Another

You know, when karma decides to come ?round and slap you around some, it doesn?t hold back. While I?ve been wanting to post here to let y?all know that I?m still alive, things have been conspiring against me. The network router is down at home, and I can?t afford to...