2020 Thoughts

Dec 31, 2019 | personal, writing

So here we are, sitting on the cusp of 2020. Or, should I say, here I sit, drinking coffee, trying to wrap my head around the last year, let alone the last decade of the goals that I’ve set for myself.

To say that 2019 wasn’t kind to me was a little bit of an understatement. Three different (day) jobs, two close family deaths and just a multitude of things going sideways all contributed to me not making any head-way into the goals that I’d set for myself personally and professionally here as an author over the last year. I’ve been skirting a deep dark depression, forcing myself through days, staring at editing notes for Through the Lens, along with staring at first drafts for the Learning Hangul Series. Instead of pushing through any of these things, I stepped back and wrapped myself up in my metphorical blanket on my couch, letting 2019 walk all over me.

As we’re (less than) a day away from 2020, though, things are looking brighter on many fronts. On the personal side, I have a great stable (day) job, my freelance work has gotten into a steady rhythm and I’m already starting to prepare for my second year as Track Director for the Filk Music Track at Dragon Con.

For my writing, I’ve gone back in, finishing up my editor notes on Lens planning on an June 2020 release (possibly end of May, but we’ll see), and I’ve finished a first draft of my series outline which will allow me to follow through on my plan to rapid-release at least 3 of the Learning Hangul books by Winter 2020. I even have plans set up for another romantic suspense standalone, but it’s still just a rough swath at this point. If it’s a 2021 release, so be it. I’m just happy that I’ve dug myself out of the hole that 2019 seemed determined to throw me in.

So here’s to 2020 – I hope it’s better all-around for all of us.

About Amber

Amber has been writing since she was small but turned to art and graphic design to make a living. Writing was just for fun for a very long time. She’s participated in Nanowrimo every year since 2003 but decided to find and work with a writers’ group in Atlanta, GA to push her work out into the wild world.