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Off to Vote

Elizabeth?s packing a bag of stuff to keep her entertained in line, and I?ve taken the day off. Happy Election Day!

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The World?s a Mess, It?s in My Kiss

My head?s a mess this week? simple things that should be muscle-memory by know have completely escaped me. Work has been killing me, even with this being really the first full week of shortened hours (35hr/wk for the rest of the year to make up for all the overtime that we?ve all had to pull for insane project schedules). Even with these shorter hours, I feel like all I?ve been doing is working. What I

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Preparing Myself for 7

Today, after the initial ?What are you doing waking me up, Woman?? grunts and groans from Elizabeth, she popped her head up, and with a gleam in her eye said, ?Today is the first day of October, right?? Me – ?Yep.? Elizabeth – ?It?s my Birthday Month!? So, today begins my preparation for the age of 7. I think that Elizabeth is far more prepared than I am, though we?ve already gotten glimpses into what

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Nano 2008 – Want to help me out?

So, I?m trying to get set up for Nanowrimo 2008, and I?ve already hit a block? trying to figure out a plot. Want to help me out by giving me your opinions over here on my Nano blog?

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BabyDaddy?s New Plan

I?ve been relatively silent on this, mainly because I?m still sorting out my feelings and thoughts on this topic. BabyDaddy has a New Plan, and that plan involves him joining the Army Reserves. In fact, this morning he was down at MEPS getting his ?old-man? physical (his words, not mine) to see if he can get an age waiver to get in. What?s going through his blasted mind, I can hear some of y?all say

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I Survived Dragoncon

While I survived, I?m still recovering from sleep deprivation. Remind me to never sign on for being on two different track staffs again. The lack of sleep is killing me.

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Off to Dragoncon

While posts have been slim around here anyways, they just might be missing this long weekend as well, since I?m packing up the car and heading to Dragoncon. Wish me luck that I can keep my balloon hand down a bit, since I?ve already agreed to far too many projects this weekend.

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First Day of First Grade

First Day of First Grade, originally uploaded by amber_h. This was the cheesy grin BabyDaddy received while getting Elizabeth to pose for her first day of school this year. She was far too excited to get in the car and get to the school to give more than one smile for the camera? which is interesting considering how much of a ham my child is.

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*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

Things have been absolutely hectic at work, which has made everything else in my life suffer because of that. As things seem to be relatively calm for the moment (in two weeks, it?ll be hell again, but that?s another story), I thought, What the hell, I?ll see if I can even remember my password to the blog. And, since receiving a lovely baby announcement from the Wonderful Zoot yesterday, I thought, hmm? maybe I should

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Too much stuff?

While my posting was light at best while Elizabeth was gone, now she?s back (as of last night), and I really question how many hours there are in a day vs. how much stuff I need to do. If I can get some free time soon, I?ll summarize in one of the infamous Random Bullet Lists?.

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