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His soul?s up on the roof now

George Carlin died yesterday. From the 7 Words to his stint on Thomas the Tank Engine, this man never ceased to amaze me. I felt like I was getting away with something during the brief times that I was allowed to watch his stand-up when I was younger. Pretty much, his wikipedia entry covers everything that I remember and more. You?ll be missed, and I hope that you?re now up on the roof just like

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Are There Any Latch-Key Kids in 2008?

While the Insane Mommy Brain? jumps to the forefront of my thoughts more often than not as Elizabeth gets older, I?m always a little freaked out by hearing that parents are getting shit from other parents because they?re allowing their kids to be independent. Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with us? What happened to the old axiom that I heard far too many times as a kid of ?Let ?em learn on their

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Shhh? It?s Too Quiet

It?s just shy of a week without Elizabeth in the house and off having fun in Alien-land. The house, she is Sooooo Quiet. Since my parents showed up back at the beginning of the month, I?ve gotten to see three movies, two of which I saw this weekend (Caspian and Hulk, for those who care). We even got to go over to a friend?s house and hang out without waiting for the inevitable tears and

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Bob Asprin 1946-2008

Bob Asprin, originally uploaded by dene foye. While aged, this is a perfect representation of how I remember Bob Asprin from when I was a child. Sitting around, guitar in hand, though the Irish Whiskey isn’t in the shot, from my memories, it was close at hand. As I got older, and as we moved around, I found his books, and could finally put an amazing story to the songs I grew up with. The

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Dresden, Harry Dresden

If anyone wonders where I?m at for at least the next 24 hours, here?s your answer. I know that my stepfather over in Alien-land is doing the same thing as I am. I?ve usually been waiting until the books come in a set and getting them off of, but I really couldn?t wait until this one came out to be that cheap. And, yes, I?m just enough of a super-geek to be working on

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No Time for a Title

Blah, blah, blah? whine, whine, whine? bitch, bitch, bitch. Ok, I?ve got that out of my system now. I just actually read through my front page, and realized that I completely suck. Outside of the whole Moleskine thing, which I?m doing everything in my power not to purchase 12 of them at once. Let?s sum up, shall we? BabyDaddy is still out of work. And that?s a post in and of itself for another time.

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The Tornado

Nope, that?s not some war-torn third world country, that?s Cabbagetown in Downtown Atlanta, taken last night after a tornado tore through there. Cabbagetown seems to be hit the worse, partially because it was the main residential area to be hit (The Dome/CNN Center got hit hard as well – during a basketball game at the Dome). Up here in Buckhead got some tree debris thrown around, but nothing other than that, thankfully. I feel for

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An Exercise in Patience

This is the first year that I have to get an emissions test on the Equinox, and man, the day I?ve had? Yes, I?m the slacker that waited until the week prior to my birthday to remember that I needed an emissions test, but I didn?t know that it would take me going to four different emissions stations to be able to finally have the certificate saying that I passed. See, there?s this software update

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The Flu Invades

I seem to only be able to post here when Elizabeth?s sick lately, and I?m not sure why. The Flu has invaded Elizabeth?s Kindergarten class, and she?s been out of school since Monday afternoon when we were asked to come and get her. When I spoke to the lady in the office, she said that there were already 6 other kids out in just Elizabeth?s class that day. What sucks about this whole thing was

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It?s Thursday, right?

The Bad – Elizabeth is home from school today because she woke up in the middle of the night with some stomach bug, which is currently wreaking havoc on her system. The Good – BabyDaddy gets to stay home with her and I get to go to work, missing out on all the puke-tastic fun. The Good – I got my delicious Green LG enV yesterday. The Bad – I went to call Elizabeth?s school

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