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The Haves and the Have-Nots

I was off of work on Friday because they?ve laid a moratorium on overtime at Big Ol? Company, so while I was doing the dishes that have been glaring at me over the week, I saw that BabyDaddy got dropped off from being in NC all week. Him getting dropped off from the work truck isn?t the best news, I?ve come to realize, because he got laid off. All of their field guys got laid

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WP Gurus Needed

I futzed around yesterday, trying to recover my archives, and while I think I might still have my old MT entries somewhere on the old laptop, I think everything since I made the switch to WordPress (whenever that was, because I can?t really look it up right now, can I?) is gone. Or at least, not bloody well accessible to me. I keep getting a 500 error every time I try and access any of

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So yeah? there?s been a problem the last few days with the blog, which has so far made me completely re-load WordPress. Let?s see if I can get any of my archives back.

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When it Rains?

It floods. Oh, Georgia may still be in a drought, but my bathroom was filled to the brim with water when I came home from work today, as the toilet tank has a gorgeously long crack that runs from the top right corner of the tank to mid-way where the tank attaches to the bowl and under that connection. After using up all the towels in the house and some of my dish towels to

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All Grown Up

This morning was the first morning that Elizabeth allowed me to drop her off at the front doors of her school instead of walking her into class. I?ve been looking forward to this day since she started Kindergarten, because I thought it was the next step in her growing up to be able to do simple things like get to class by herself, and we?ve been talking about January being the cut-off for me walking

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours? I hope you got everything you wanted from Santa. maybe I can actually post here more than once a month in the coming year?.

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Want a Christmas Card?

Yeah, so it?s the first week of December officially. And I have somewhere in the range of four boxes of Christmas cards, which I?m filled with Good Intentions? of actually sending out BEFORE December 25. This year, not Christmas 2008. So, if you?d like a Christmas Card swap, email me or leave a comment with your info, and I?ll get one out to you. I solemnly swear that you?ll receive something. 🙂

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Sick, Sick, Sick

I?ve gone through three boxes of tissues in a week. That?s gotta be a record, right? I?ve also been busting ass at work for the Redesign-a-thon, as one of my coworkers so lovingly calls it. My timesheet looks a little out of order, because of the large numbers associated with the days, but all that means is that it?ll be a good Christmas, hopefully. Speaking of Christmas, I have done Zero Shopping. Or Decorating. Between

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A Case of the Blahs

There?s been something just ?off? about me lately, and I just can?t seem to shake it, since I?m not really sure what it is that?s wrong with me. I?ve been falling asleep by 10pm at the latest every night this week, and Friday I ended up sleeping from 9pm all the way to 9am, as if I was trying to catch-up on all the pieces and parts of missed sleep from the last month or

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Mommy Bloggers Unite!

Maybe I?ll either a) get a spare moment at work or b) have my internet back on this evening at home (really long story) to be able to tell y?all about how I went to a Mommy Bloggers Meet-up (sponsored by the National Dairy Council) at Super Suppers in Decatur last night and had a really fun time. Or maybe I can just be a complete dork and say it was SO FREAKIN? COOL to

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